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One: Pass/Fail on Google's Mobile Friendly Test for 206 Canadian Higher Education Website Home Pages.

The graph shows the pass/fail rate for Google's Mobile Friendly Test. We submitted 206 Canadian post-secondary education website homepages to Google's test and recorded the overall assessment of the home page mobile friendliness. Our data suggests that about one third of these sites can be significantly improved and offer a satisfactory experience for mobile visitors. You can read more at the blog post here: Are Higher Education Websites Mobile Friendly?

Two: Range of Results For Google Mobile Friendly Test

In this chart we segment the results of the adjacent chart. Roughly two-thirds (63%) of sites pass the test. The balance (37%) fail Google's test on one or more criteria. You can read more at the blog post: Are Higher Education Websites Mobile Friendly?

Three: Ratio of HTTPS- to HTTP-enabled Canadian Higher Education Websites

We surveyed the main (gateway) websites of 206 Canadian Higher education institutions to determine which sites are HTTPS-enabled. Our testing comprised checking the server response received by a browser and the browser's assessment of any encryption being used to secure the connection. Approximately, 10% of the sites were determined as being HTTPS-enabled. For the sub-group of HTTPS-enabled sites we then tested the 'quality' of the implementation. You can read more here: Enhancing Trust in Higher Education Websites

Four: Overall Rating Of HTTPS-enabled Websites by Qualsys

For the 20 sites that were HTTPS-enabled, we submitted the primary URL to Qualsys SSL LABS for an assessment of the quality of the HTTPS implementation. We requested that Qualsys not display the results publicly. Only one site obtained an A+ rating. Our experience with HTTPS servers confirms that implementing a configuration that obtains a high rating is time consuming, but a prudent investment of effort. The balance of the sites had relatively minor issues. However, a small group had their rating limited to C, due to server configuration weaknesses. You can read more details here: Enhancing Trust in Higher Education Websites